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V.M. Rabolú

Hercolubus or Red Planet

"Hercólubus or Red Planet is five or six times bigger than Jupiter. It is a huge giant and there is nothing that can stop or divert it."


"Through this work of the death of the Ego, which I am indicating, you will acquire Scientific Chastity and learn to love Humanity. He who does not work upon the disintegration of the defects, can never reach Chastity and can never feel love for others either, because he does not love himself."

Astral Unfolding

"This is the Astral Plane or "Fifth Dimension" where weight and distance do not exist and where the Astral Body belongs; a body exactly like the physical one, but which is energized and moves at tremendous speed, like thought, and can investigate whatever it wants throughout the Universe."
"A mantra is a magic word that allows us to leave our physical body and return to it in full consciousness."

mantra LA RA S
mantra FA RA ON

  • Introduction
  • Hercólubus or Red Planet
  • Atomic Experiments and the Ocean
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Death
  • Astral Unfolding
  • Final Note
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